Welcome To Christ Church of India
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Prayer ministry activities - All glory to God in Jesus name for enabling us to do!

  • Coordination of intercessory prayer vigils
  • Conduct congregational Fasting and Prayer sessions - Prayer points are projected and prayed for in small groups
  • One-day prayer retreat and workshop called PRAY the DAY event
  • Intercessory prayer before Sunday service – 15 minute prayer session for all the causes of the church and its members.
  • Morning prayer chain – prayer warriors pray in allocated time slots and wake up the next person in the chain.
  • Monthly night prayer sessions – prayer and worship after Bible Study
  • New - Pray till mid-night session in month of October for all congregation
  • Special prayer session during the 1 st week of December
  • Coordinate congregational 40 day fasting & prayer chain during lent
  • New – Equipping congregational members with prayer cards
  • New – Special monthly prayer themes