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Peace :
Gal 5:23 --fruit of the spirit
What is Peace?
It's tranquility or rest.
God gives us peace to be still and joyful even when things get rocky.

Who is the source of peace?
Jesus Christ is the true source of peace.
Jesus Christ is the author of peace.
He is the prince of peace- Isaiah 9:6
John 14:27 --Jesus says "Peace I leave with you not as the world gives, my peace I give you.
John 16:33 --in Jesus Christ we have peace.
God allows tough situations in our lives in order to work in us and change us to be more patient and peaceable.
Rom 5:1-11 --we are justified by faith. We are not shaken by trials and tribulations.
Jesus Christ's resurrection power gives us hope.

How can we have peace?
If we have peace with God and man like Jesus, we will have inner peace and strength to soar like an eagle.

To preserve peace everyday with God and man, we should:
Pray daily,
Love God
Obey His commandments
Ask God to transform our minds
Communal prayer with other believers
Share gospel to others

How can we have peace with others especially those who irritate and challenge us?
Bless those who do evil toward us.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help us overcome bitterness toward them.
James 3:17 about Godly wisdom
Pray for this kind of wisdom.
James 3:18 says that peace makers raise a harvest of righteousness.
Allow the Holy Spirit to rule our life, so that peace of God rules our life. Col 3:15
Jesus is always with us and He grants us peace in everyway (2 Thess 3:16)