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Men's Breakfast Meeting January'14

John Weaver, Senior Pastor at Mariner's Discovery Church was the guest speaker for the event. John served the past 26 years at The Church on the Hill in San Ramon California before moving to Mariner's Discovery Church.

We learnt from 2 Samuel 23:20-23 the lessons about Benaiah’s three notable heroic deeds. The theme of the message was to stir up the warrior spirit in each of us to fight the good fight for our King and his cause.

As mighty men of God in Christ Church of India, we learnt to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might, stir up the warrior spirit, have the heavenly wisdom to recognize and resist the enemy with the Spirit of God, the Word of God, the People of God and the Armor of God.

Below are some of the snippets from men who attended this event:

“My Spirit is stirred for sure. I made decision to become stronger in word. Faith increased to trust God more through personal battles” - -Rakesh Solomon.

“Really I got a good spiritual breakfast from the Pastor that how to stir up my spirit” - Ramesh Raja D.

“Refreshed the Bible section on spiritual warfare. Praying that I will be diligent in applying the message in my personal life” - Philip Pulimootil

“Wonderful sermon. This men's ministry was really great. I experienced God's presence in this meeting. In the early morning talking about God is a blessing to me. This meeting has provided me lot of faith, hope and made me strong in the word” - Prathyush Katarpu

“Re-focus on the priorities, Encouragement not to be weary in the battle. We had a good time” - Ebenezer Chunchu

“Challenged about the fight spiritually and be at war and not just in war. Challenged about motivating the children and youth, the Church and activities, so that there is no hole in the Church for that age group.” - Anand Kodamanchali