Welcome To Christ Church of India
460 S.Cypress Ave., San Jose, CA 95117 Tel: 408- 247- LORD Fax: 408-247-3482 | Sunday Worship 10:30 AM

Through the outreach ministry, Christ Church of India strives to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of believers and non-believers by reaching out to the local community to share the Good news of love and hope through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to take the un-compromised Gospel message of our Savior’s sacrifice, hope and salvation through that sacrifice to local community and through which strengthen family values, morality and human dignity in local community.

Our avenues for outreach ministry are as follows :

  • Various outreach events at CCI churches during Christmas and Easter.
  • Secular events in the San Francisco bay area like Fremont India Festival during Indian Independence day (August 15th) weekend in August.
  • Nationwide telecast of excerpts from Christmas outreach events through Namaste America (KTSF) TV Channel.
  • Church Connect events at School campuses.