Welcome To Christ Church of India
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In-Person Worship Service Guidelines

Policy for in-person attendance

    • You must be registered to attend the in-person service. We may not be able to accommodate non registered members trying to attend the in-person service.

    • All members must use face mask to participate. And must remain in the face mask throughout the service.

    • Families will be seated together and will be separated from other families by the county mandated 6 feet social distancing guideline.

    • Food and Water will not be provided. You must bring your own water.

    • Usage of the restrooms must be limited to the minimum. Only the restrooms in the Admin building will be open.

    • We will not be providing in-person Sunday School nor will provide Nursery arrangements for infants and toddlers. All of your children should be sitiing with you in the service. You will be required to keep your children with you.

    • Pre-packaged communion material will be provided and will be available in the Foyer for you to pick up on your way in.

    • Offering box will be provided in the Foyer for you to drop your offering. The preferred way is still to do it online, even if you are attending in person

    • The fellowship hall building will not be open during the service.

    • Congregating in the courtyard and in the parking lot will be strictly prohibited.

    • We will not be printing bulletins for our service.

    • To comply with the county regulation, all members will be required to leave the facility as soon as the service is over.